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Company Profile

      Foshan Welkin Technology Co., Ltd., formerly Foshan Welkin Machinery Co., Ltd., officially changed its name and expanded its business scopes in September 2018 for the purpose of better development and related business development.
     Foshan Welkin Technology Co., Ltd. has concentrated the first batch technical experts those of the introduction and use of advanced two-stage gas generators in European countries in the 1980s. Based on the improvement of practice, it has continuously improved and innovated, and gradually formed a series of products that suitable for domestic and international markets.Its excellent energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, highly automated, safe and easy-to-operate product quality and performance have been fully recognized by customers. For a long time, Welkin Technology has always placed the specific needs of customers in the first place, relying on rich practical experience and strong technical force to continuously design and promote new products, greatly improving the competitiveness of our products, thus ensuring the products are always in the forefront of the same industry. Our machines are exported to many countries like Indonesia,  Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Senegal, Zambia, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.
       Let customers get the most benefit with the lowest investment is Welkin consistent purpose.Push the environmentally friendly clean coal combustion technology and products to the world market is Welkin consistent aim.
        Foshan Welkin Technology Co., Ltd. having a strong research and development team.Master the cutting-edge core technology of the two-stage gas generator, that is, from the beginning of launch the world's first 3.6M gas generator in 2008.
       Launched the world's first 4.0m gas generator in 2010.

       In 2012, the world's first 4.2-meter gas generator was launched by Welkin.

       In 2013, the world's first 4.5m gas generator was launched by Welkin.

       In 2014, the world's first 4.6M gas generator was launched by Welkin.

       In 2015, the world's first gas generator with complete environmental protection and energy saving and near zero emissions was launched by Welkin.

       From 2016 to 2017, Welkin particularly launched the gas generator that suitable using in Vietnam and Africa markets.

In 2018, the world's first 5.0M gas generator was launched by Welkin.

       Foshan Welkin Technology Co., Ltd. was named as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province in 2016. With numbers of core patent technologies, it is a leader in new technologies, new products and new trends in the development of environmentally friendly gas station.

      Foshan Welkin Technology Co., Ltd also is the largest supplier of gas station in South China. The models are complete,the qualities are reliable, and the price are reasonable. In addition, Welkin also involved in fields of gas power generation, energy saving heat transfer, coal powder utilization, waste heat recovery,  garbage burning, biomass gas, etc.. Nowadays,the energy is getting tighter and shorten,Welkin will  as always work hard to develop more and better products for our customers.

      We Welkin all will join hands with friends at home and abroad to create a much better future!